Expertise, Qualifications & Experience

We have the expertise, qualifications and experience to assist corporations, insurance companies, financial institutions and individuals properly articulate and quantify value for litigation support.  

BID4U the Recognised Experts

BID4U is recognised by law firms as the Australia's leading independent specialist HME, Vehicle, Truck and Mobile Plant & Equipment Valuation Appraisers, having earned a reputation for providing high quality defensible valuations and clear, concise and technically accurate reports that are impartial and easy to understand.

 Business interruption
 Expert Testimony
Family Law Court Matters
Loss of Profit Damages
Matrimonial Dissolution
Partnership Dissolution
Shareholder Disputes




Extraordinary Assumptions & Hypothetical Conditions

Our expert valuation serivces go far beyond just providing present asset values.  We are also expert in applying Extraordinary Assumptions and Hypothetical Conditions which may affect past, present and future value. 

For example, in addition to determining the current value of a repaired collision damaged vehicle and estimating its future value, we can also establish the vehicle's value immediately prior to sustaining the collision damage, and estimate the vehicle's likely present and future value based on the hypothetical assumption that the vehicle had not been damaged in the first place as well as calculate the current and future loss in value at specific dates.

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We are fully conversant with civil and criminal proceedings, are highly experienced in giving expert witness testimony and are recognised and fully accepted as an expert valuation appraisal witness by the:




Most of our Clients will never need litigation assistance or require expert witness testimony but your piece of mind is knowing that  should you ever need such assistance.....'All you need to do is Remember Bid 4 U' because we can make the difference.


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