Save time
A buyers’ agent can save you the lengthy time involved in locating and researching the right properties. Rather than spending your weekends researching and visiting home opens, a buyers’ agent will find your property while you focus on your family, work and the other important aspects of your life.

Have someone representing your interests
Sales agents work for sellers and are obliged to get the highest possible price for the seller. A buyers’ agent, on the other hand, works solely on your behalf and has access to the same sales data as selling agents. Through giving you professional representation, a buyers’ agent can tip the balance in your favour. 

A buyer’s agent will negotiate on your behalf and help you acquire your desired property at the lowest possible price. A buyers’ agent will also aim to include special clauses into the contract to protect your interests. Buyers who choose to go it alone without knowledge of real estate contracts are often forced to use the clauses recommended by the sales agent, which are intended to assist the seller. 

Secure the best properties at the best possible price
Buyers’ agents are property experts who keep up to date with price movements and recognise when a property is competitively priced. Their expertise can not only help you locate a good property but also to acquire a property at a lower price than you would be able to on your own.

Save money
Buyers’ agents will use their highly developed research techniques and negotiation skills to save you money and secure your desired property under the best terms and price.

Receive impartial, independent advice
A buyers’ agent will give you impartial advice regarding your property purchase, whereas a sellers’ agent must represent the seller and try to secure the highest possible price for their seller. A buyers’ agent will dedicate their time and attention to find a property that’s right for you.  Most importantly, a buyers’ agent has your interests at heart and will help you make informed decisions.


*MTA Member Bidding Service DL: 18363*