To us, our logo is more than just a public façade.  And it is more than a simple silhouette of our services. To understand our logo is gain an insight into BID4U and appreciate our psyche. Our logo is our business. It is who we are. It is what we do. It encapsulates who we represent, what we stand for and what we strive to achieve. In other words, our logo is us.

Our logo, like our name, is unique. The catchiness of our name ensures instant recognition whilst the simplicity of our logo guarantees our corporate identity will remain memorable.

Our logo exudes elegance and style and succinctly defines who we are and what we do. It symbolizes the pioneering nature of our business and accurately parades our unique position in the marketplace. In addition, our logo echoes the professional strength and high level of expertise, experience and professionalism we apply to everything we do.

Our logo confirms our commitment to provide a professional service based on a foundation of honesty, openness, integrity, trust and steadfast reliability. At the same time, it acknowledges the respect and unyielding confidence our Clients have in us.

The simple, bold, capitalized block lettering, accentuated by the subtitle shadowing, evokes strength and security and emphasizes the rock-solid reliability of our company. Equally, ‘Professional Vehicle Valuation, Examination & Buying Service’ declares exactly the diversification of professional services we provide and reinforces our determination to always achieve the best possible price. The eye-catching red and orange in our logo openly reflects our passion and enthusiasm. It also gives our logo an aura of quality and excellence.

The precise graduation of colours not only suggests speed, dynamism and flexibility but is also reflective of the smooth, seamless delivery of our services from start to finish. Moreover, the powerful and dynamic ochre colours of our logo, from a sophisticated red to a sun-burnt orange, pays homage to our Australian ancestry and verifies our willingness to value, examine and buy vehicle Australia wide and internationally.

Together, substitution of the number ‘4’ for the word ‘four’ and the letter ‘U’ for the word ‘You’, highlights our contemporary, modern forward-looking approach. It parades our innovation and echoes our outlook to continually push the boundaries and challenge the status quo. Moreover, the exaggerated height of the number ‘4’ and the joined capital letter ‘U’, underscore that representing our Clients forms the cornerstone of our business.

Finally, the position of ‘BID4U’ above the grey line in our logo denotes our standing in the market - above everyone else.  


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*MTA Member Bidding Service DL: 18363*