We are able to provide CMA's for most New and Used Cars, Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME), Trucks and Mobile Plant & Equipment you intend purchasing as well as undertake comparisions between makes and models so you can make a sound, informed purchasing decision.


The purpose of our CMA's is not to offer advice, but rather, to provide you with up-to-date, accurate and usable information to assist you to make a sound, informed purchasing decision.




Our CMA's are provided in a comprehensive written report and contain comparisions between two different makes and models of vehicles or up to three models of the same make of vehicle.








CMA Information

The auction sales results sold by most auctioneers are usually six (6) to ten (10) weeks old, and only list the age, type, colour, odometer reading, sales date and price of the vehicle.

Due to the fact that vehicle auction prices are constantly changing, auction sales results older than two weeks are inaccurate and unreliable. 

In contrast, our data base (currently around 55,000 vehicles) holds every vehicle auctioned in Western Australia, including Dealer Exclusive Auctions, so our information is the most  available anywhere in Australia!  In addition, our CMA’s often contain information about previous owners, the condition of the vehicle and the accident damage history.  The most up-to-date information empowers you as the purchaser and allows you to make a sound, informed purchasing decision.

Photographs of the vehicle/s
  The Wholesale PricesThe Retail Prices
  Exterior Colours (New vehicles) Trim Colours (New vehilces)
  All the recent Auction Results, including Dealer Exclusive Auctions.
  Current Dealer and Private Sales evidence
  The Model HistoryVehicle Specifications
  Full Running Costs, including depreciation
  Running & Serviceing Costs
  Vehicle Safety Ratings
  Wholesale Trend Graphs
  Retail Trend Graphs; and, 
  Future Sale Price predictions.



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