BID4U is a member of the South Perth Chapter of Business Network International. 

So what is BNI I hear you ask?  Simply put, we are a group of local Business owners and Sales people who are all looking to grow our individual businesses and/or get more sales.

We do this by way of word of mouth Business Referrals, which adds a new personal dimension to the level of  service we can provide.  Each of us deals with our own clients, colleagues, associates, friends and family each and every day. These people constantly require all sorts of different services but instead of them searching the Yellow Pages, we put them in contact with one of our members who can help them.  In turn, that member secures a new client!

Only one member from each business category is allowed to join each chapter.  This allows us to lock out our competitors.  In other words, when you join BNI Strongbow, then nobody else in your line of work can join us. Therefore all referrals that people come across through their clients, colleagues, associates, friends and family will all come to you.

There are now over 102,754 BNI members in 5,014 Chapters spread across 39 countries. 

To Find out more about BNI please click on the BNI Symbol above or on the below link. 

Business Network International (BNI)

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