Temporary Movement Permits

You will need to obtain a Temporary Movement Permit to move an unregistered vehicle for the purposes of registration or repairs (fitting of a body / tray) prior to registration.

Cab Chassis are classified as unregistered vehicles and cannot be registered without a tray or body fitted. 

Temporary movement permits are issued by the Department of Transport and are required for every trip. This means that the only time you will be issued with a temporary movement permit is if you are taking your vehicle:

1.   To and from a place of repair prior to registration; or
2.   To and from the examination centre.

: Temporary permits are only valid for 48 hours from the time of issue.

You can obtain a Temporary Movement Permit over the telephone on 13 11 56 by credit card or by attending a licensing centre.

You will need to provide the engine number, chassis number and registration plate number (if still attached) of the vehicle to be driven.

Please click on the below link to visit the Department of Planning & Infrastructure website:

                     Temporary Movement Permits & Licensing

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Vehicle Examination

Once you fit the body / tray onto the vehicle you will need to obtain another Temporary Movement Permit to move the vehicle to a licensed vehicle examination centre for examination.

To save yourself time when you present your vehicle at the examination centre, you may wish to also pay for your examination fee at the time of application for the Temporary Movement Permit.

The Vehicle Examination fee is currently 93.60 (including GST).

Cheques or money orders should be made payable to:

'Department for Planning and Infrastructure'

Once the vehicle has successfully passed the examination you will need to provide proof of ownership and documentary proof of your identity before the vehicle can be registered and a new set of plates issued.

Remember to take your purchase receipt, disposal notice or previous registration papers with you.

Ring DPI on 13 11 56 (same number as above) to book an appointment.

For details of your nearest vehicle examination centre, and any other licensing information go to ‘Links’, ‘Government Agency Links’ and click on ‘Department of Planning & Infrastructure’.


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Some insurance companies require vehicles to be registered prior to issuing insurance and may not insure an unregistered vehicle.



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