Note: Red Book is an excellent publication used extensively by the Motor Vehicle Industry, Insurance Companies and law enforcement agencies.


The price information on the Public Version of Red Book is Very Limited and should not be relied upon as being accurate. The prices cannot be adjusted to suit the Condition, Odometer Reading, Accessories and the Spend Consideration of individual vehicles.

In addition, Red Book is produced in the Eastern States and, for this reason some  Western Australian vehicle Wholesale and Retail prices may vary. 
Bid 4 U, as a licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer and paid subscriber, not only has access to the Restricted Information available on the Red Book Commercial Database, which allows infinite condition, odometer reading and accessory price adjustments  but in addition we maintain an extensive data base of every vehicle referred, passed in or sold through every Auction in Western Australia so we can provide exact, up to the minute valuations.
 Red Book


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