Lance Synnerdahl is an Ex-Western Australian Motor Squad, Senior Detective Investigator. As an ex- Motor Squad Detective Lance specialised in examining, identifying and investigating vehicles which had been illegally altered, modified and criminally dealt with including stolen, ghosted, damaged and re-birthed motor vehicles and is an expert in: 

Forensic Vehicle Examinations
Post-collision damage repair and paint quality assessment
 Collision damage evaluation
 The specialised examination, identification and investigation of Character Changed, Cloned, Cross-Border Transferred,
     Cut and Shut, Damaged, Falsified, Ghosted, Legitimised, Mix-and-Matched, Model Upgraded, Odometer tampered,
     Re-Birthed, Re-Identified, Sanitised, Strip and Buy Back, Stripped for parts, Stolen, Updated, Up-Specked, and Wrecked
 Vehicle Identifier examination, identification and verification
Odometer tampering detection and verification
 WOVR (Written-Off Vehicle Register) interpretation and assessment.
NEVDIS (National Exchange & Driver Information System) Code interpretation. 

Lance possesses highly specialised test equipment and, in many cases, is able to ascertain the severity of the initial damage and postulate how the crash occurred after reviewing the repairs. He is recognised and accepted as an expert witness by the Australian Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts and has extensive experience giving expert witness testimony. 

BID4U is acknowledged, recognised and accepted as Australia's leading post-collision forensic vehicle specialist organisation, having earned a solid reputation for conducting comprehensive independent forensic vehicle examinations as well as providing high quality, defensible clear, concise and technically accurate and impartial reports.  

BID4U has completed a number of high profile forensic vehicle examinations which have received national media coverage including detecting and confirming that a Toyota Landcruiser Prado wagon which had been initially certified as original and road worthy by a government vehicle examiner, four mechanics and a well known car dealer had, in fact, been professionally Up-Specked from a GX to a GXL, been likely fresh water immersed and had its odometer reading fraudulently altered from approximately 325,000 km to 42,380 km. This vehicle should have been classified as a write-off. 

BID4U is regularly employed by individuals, auction houses, companies and law firms and to not only conduct post-collision damage repair and paint quality assessments and ascertain whether vehicles have been correctly categorised as repairable or statutory write-offs but BID4U is also regularly employed to forensically examine vehicles to determine whether they have been subjected to odometer tampering or been illegally altered, modified or criminally dealt with for valuation, purchase, disposal and litigation purposes. 

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I-Car is the world's leading collision damage repair and assessment organisation providing research, development and advanced training for collision repair and assessment professionals internationally.

I-Car Gold Class Business Accreditation



I-Car Gold Class accreditation is very difficult to obtain and is the highest professional Collision Damage Assessment and Repair recognition a business can attain worldwide. Testimony as to how difficult I-Car Gold Class certification is to obtain is evidenced by the fact that only a handful of businesses in Australia's collision repair and assessment industry have been awarded the Gold Class certificate certifying their ability to meet the stringent I-Car Gold Glass criteria. As an I-Car Gold Class certified business, BID4U is internationally recognised and certified as a specialist Collision Damage Assessment organisation.

I-Car Platinum Individual


I-Car Platinum status is the highest Collision Damage Assessment and Repair award an individual can attain worldwide. Lance Synnerdahl is     I-Car Platinum accredited. Very few individuals attain this certification as it involves substantial training as well as a significant ongoing educational commitment to constantly keep abreast of the latest vehicle specifications, collision assessment methodologies and repair procedures. I-Car Platinum individuals are certified collision damage assessment and repair experts who are internationally recognised as the absolute ‘Best of the Best’.

Qualified I-Car instructor


Lance is also a qualified I-Car instructor and is the I-Car Instructor for Western Australia. Teaching other experts, professionals and specialists, including training highly skilled professionals to I-Car Platinum standard, requires a level of knowledge, experience and expertise far beyond I-Car Platinum Status. Lance has extensive industry experience training insurance assessors from the major insurance companies, motor vehicle dealers as well as repair technicians and other industry specialists how to properly examine, assess and repair vehicles. Lance is internationally recognised as one of the world's leading post-collision forensic vehicle examination experts and is also widely renowned as Australia’s top post-collision forensic vehicle examination expert. 

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Lance Synnerdahl. ASA. (Accredited Senior Appraiser). Machinery and Technical Specialties (MTS).

As an accredited Senior Appraiser with the ASA (American Society of Appraisers) Lance has achieved the highest Machinery and Equipment Valuation Appraisal qualification obtainable worldwide.


Specialising in Car, Truck, HME (Heavy Mobile Equipment) and Mobile Plant & Equipment valuation appraisals, Lance is internationally recognised and accepted as an Expert Machinery and Equipment Valuation Appraisal expert by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the American Congress, the European Union, Australian Government and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).  

In addition, Lance is acknowledged, recognised and accepted as an expert witness by the Australian Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts and has extensive experience giving expert witness testimony. 

Membership of the ASA is confirmation of Lance's professionalism and high ethical standards. It is also a testimony of his commitment to provide high quality, defensible, clear, concise and technically accurate and impartial reports. 

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Lance spent 18 years in the West Australian Police Service, including 9 years as a specialist Senior Detective Investigator. 

During his Police career, Lance received formal Police training in interview, negotiation and interrogation techniques and is university qualified in the subtleties of advanced negotiation and interrogation techniques including proxemics, body language and paralinguistics.

Lance achieved JACA (Joint Approach to Child Abuse) status which not only qualified him to interview young children who were victims of the worst child abuse cases and interrogate the most difficult and tenacious child abuse suspects.  These investigations were, by their very nature, extremely difficult, highly sensitive and challenging with life-changing consequences routinely resting on the skill, intellect and expertise of the investigator.  

Lance is currently writing a book on negotiation.

Wouldn't you rather one of the highest trained, experienced and qualified negotiators in Australia negotiate on your behalf?

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Lance is a licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer.  His Motor Vehicle Dealers number is:  DL: 18363.   

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is a proud member of the Motor Trade Association of WA (Inc)

BID4U is a member of the Motor Trade Association (MTA) of Western Australia (inc) which is the most pre-eminent professional vehicle dealer member organisation in Western Australia.  Lance has been a Committee Member since 2009.
Membership of the MTA is external confirmation of our professionalism, high ethical standards and Client commitment whilst the MTA Symbol is the symbol of our membership.
Our MTA Membership number is: 35092.

As an MTA member, we are bound to abide by the MTA’s Principles and Code of Ethics which are displayed on our website.

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Your peace of mind and assurance, whenever engaging BID4U to forensically examine, value or purchase a vehicle on your behalf, is that you are not only employing an independent, globally accredited I-Car Gold Class certified business but you are also engaging an internationally qualified Mobile Plant & Equipment valuation specialist as well as Australia’s leading post-collision forensic vehicle examination expert who is committed to vehicle valuation appraisal precision and post-collision damage assessment excellence.


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*MTA Member Bidding Service DL: 18363*