Attending and bidding at auctions and negotiating contracts started as a hobby of Lance's over a quarter of a century ago. Over the last 25 years he has attended a countless number of Auctions, forensically examined, valued and negotiated the purchase of thousands of vehicles from vintage vehicles to large HME (Heavy Mobile Equipment).

As Lance's auction and negotiation skills grew, friends and relatives began asking for assistance to either bid at auction on their behalf or negotiate the purchase of houses, motor vehicles and heavy equipment.  The number of people he assisted over the years expanded exponentially and eventually included friends of relatives and associates of friends of friends. 

It became apparent that the majority of people did not have the time, knowledge or experience to bid at auction or possess the expertise, emotional detachment and ruthlessness needed to successfully negotiate a hard winning deal.  By 2006 it reached the point where Lance decided on a career change and created BID4U

For the last four years Lance has specialised in purchasing, disposing and valuing cars, trucks, HME and mobile plant and equipment.   The rest is history.  



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*MTA Member Bidding Service DL: 18363*