As a start up business owner savings in capital expendature adn time management are critical. The BID4U team saved us thousands of dollars and most importantly time, allowing us to reduce our finance amount and focus on running our business. Lance was always available for discussions about vehicle options and he provided sound advice about options for the vehicle, such as keeping the rear side window to alumimium, as it reduced easy break in options for thieves, which was something I hadn't considered. Thanks for your professional service Lance.

G. KENNEDY. Landsdale WA.

* * * * *

I was quite specific and demanding about the quality and specs for my vehicle, which I knew would take some time to find. It was a long search and Lance worked hard on my behalf, always keeping me informed and helpful. I will use BID4U for all future vehicle purchases and sales and recommend him without hesitation.

M. HERTZ. Kardinya WA.

* * * * *

Overall service far exceeded expectations. I can't think of any way to improve service from BID4U. Everything, from start to final delivery, was precise and positive, and worry free. I cannot recommend BID4U and Lance highly enough. There is no other way to purchase a vehicle. Everything just "clicks" into place.  Thank you Lance.

S & E TAYLOR. Greenmount WA

* * * * *

The secure website is an excellent tool that provides confidentiality for matters and is very simple and easy to use.

B BLEACH. Alfred Cove WA

* * * * *

I like the porfessionalism of Lance and also how if Lance has nothing he lets us know. Lance keeps us up to date on all cars he finds. We will use Lance every time we need a car.

W. SMITH. Bayswater WA

* * * * *

Very hardworking and efficient, quick turnaround time - pleased with everything.

M. MATHEWSON.  Claremont.  WA

* * * * *

It works well!

G. RICKIE.  Mt Pleasant.  WA

* * * * *

I could not fault anything - from the initial contact to the car being delivered to my door.

I would certainly recommend to others.

J. PINTO. West Swan.  WA

* * * * *

Much less risk to me as the buyer when purchasing a second hand vehicle.  I found BID4U and Lance Synnerdahl excellent to deal with and totally dedicated to ensuring my new vehicle was exactly what I had asked then to search for.  Lance works promptly and diligently towards the needs of his clients and displays a keen attention to detail.  He has a positive, can-do attitude and is extremely knowledgeable and competant in this area of work.

I would definitely engage Lance with his expertise to help find and purchase my next vehicle, new or second hand.

J. CRUICKSHANK.  Nedlands.  WA

* * * * *

Very convenient and hassle free for FIFO workers.

O. GLEDHILL.  Bennett Springs.  WA

* * * * *

I have used Lance's services twice now, and recommend him without hesitation for his commitment to the highest standard of integrity and commitment to meet my requirements and expectations.  Thanks Lance.

R READ.  Bateman.  WA

* * * * *

Excellent Service - Thank you.

W. SCHNEIDER.  Gwellup.  WA

* * * * *

Lance is clearly an expert in his field and kept me well informed through the purchase process.  The vehicle exceeds our expectations and we very much appreciated the time invested by Lance to locate, inspect and negotiate the final price.  I have no hesitation in recommending the services of BID4U and will use them when the time comes around again.  I particularly value the peace of mind that comes from Lance's examination of the vehicle.  As a side note the dealer was jumping around like a cat on a hot tine roof to make sure I was happy with everything.

A BYRNE.  St James.  WA

* * * * *

Fantastic service, which I will recommend to all my friends.

K. KROEGER.  Bull Creek.  WA

* * * * *

Great service as usual.  Lance saved me from dealing wiht mongrel car dealers.  I don't believe anyone else could have done the deal or the price in the time frame I had.  Many thanks Lance.

J. HOLLIGAN.  Hamilton Hill.  WA

* * * * *

Lance not ony saved my business money but provided a fast and comprehensive service that enabled me to concentrate of the business and Lance to concentrate on finding my vehicle. 

N. DOUGLAS.  Inglewood. WA

* * * * *

Don't need improvement.  Your business is great.  I thank you very much for your time and your work.

B. CURTIS. Gosnells. WA.

* * * * *

This is the second time that I have used Lance at Bid 4 U, which I think already speaks volumes.  Lance offers good old fashioned service at a personal level and saves clients a bunch of money.  Cheers.

J. Every.  Dwellingup. WA

* * * * *

Living in remote WA, I needed the services of a professional auction bidding and negotiating service in Perth to purchase a vehicle on my behalf quickly.  I was recommended Bid 4 U by one of Perth's leading auction houses and from the get go I found the professionalism, promptness, comprehensiveness and honesty of Lance and his team's service to be top notch.

His knowledge of the industry was without question, and his attention to detail surpassed expectations.  He was always up front with his charges and was fully conversant with my vehicle needs.  The money saved on the purchase covered Bid 4 U's costs many times over and the vehicle truly was a 'cracker' just as Lance assured me.

Would I recommend Bid 4 U?  Absolutely, already have.  My wife and I may be in the market for a 4wd in the coming year and I'll have Bid 4 U on speed dial!

D. Kelly.  Broome WA


* * * * *

I thought I'd share some info with you.  That 100 series Landcruier you bought for me a couple of years ago - I just sold it for the same price I paid!!!   That's unheard of.  I'm stoked!!   The new troopie you just purchased for me is bloody awesome too!!

B. Clark.  Karratha WA

* * * * *



I am very happy with the efficiency of the Bid 4 U team and partners such as Ebtide.   By far the cheapest, fastest and most reliable way of making a good purchase.

O. Pinto.  East Perth WA

* * * * *



I am absolutely thrilled with the work that you have done for me.  No tast was too big and you helped me immendely with my final choice of vehicle.  I love it!  Thanks again.

G. Austen.  Belmont WA

* * * * *

Lance not only saved my business money but provided a fast and comprehensive service that enabled me to concentrate on the business and Lance to concentrate on finding my vehicle.

N. Douglas. Inglewood WA 

* * * * *


Very happy with the way business was carried out and the cost savings.

G. Crellin. Landsdale WA 

* * * * *

To Lance & the team at Bid 4 U. Thank you so very much for the work you all do. If only i'd heard of your service on my previous car purchase. Professional, excellent service beyond expectation. Will definately refer/enjoy Bid 4 U again in future.

P. Sia. Success WA

* * * * *

Thanks for finding my perfect car!

S. Schomburg. Kardinya WA

* * * * *

Excellent concept, well executed.

F. D'Souza. Bateman WA

* * * * *

My overall experience with the staff at Bid 4 U has been very professional and I am satisfied with the final result. The staff were very curteous and provided great customer service throughout the process of aquiring my new car. I will definately recommend this service to my friends and family. Thank you Lance and Felicia!! Cheers!!

L. Rogers. Success WA

* * * * *

Thanks heaps, I will definately use Bid 4 U's service again!

D. Waters. Tom Price WA

* * * * *

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you Lance, for everything regarding the sale of my Subaru Liberty recently. It was made very quick and simple and was handled very professionally. I can see that your business will expand very quickly if this level of service is kept up and you keep good personnel on staff like you currently have.

Also, thank you to Felicia, in regards to the administration side of things. You did a very good job of handling all correspondence to and from myself and Lance and everything was organised very quickly.

I will keep your company in mind for the future for anything that may come up.

D. Cole. (Private Seller) Bunbury WA

* * * * *

Really impressive purchasing model that allowed me to keep my own work under control while Bid 4 U did all the leg work and closed the deal. So much simpler and faster than a DIY approach, with the added security of REVS, SVR & WOVR Checks.

J. Beeson. Bateman WA

* * * * *

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. This is the second experience I have had with Bid 4 U. In both cases you handled the deals with professionalism and dedication. I appreciate the trouble you went to in finding the Chrysler and obtaining the final product. I have spoken to others about your service and will continue to do so. I was very impressed with the discount you were able to obtain on the new vehicle and your advice on the value of my previous vehicle. Keep up the great work. The way you conduct your business is a credit to all of you.

G. Pratt. Balcatta WA

* * * * *

I think it was approximately 2 weeks from engaging Bid 4 U to the day our forklift arrived. I left the office once to see Lance and that was it! I was able to keep running my business while Bid 4 U approved an appropriate forklift for me. Regular updates were recieved and overall the experience for me was fantastic. Many thanks to Lance and the Team. Well Done!

J. Murray. North Fremantle WA

* * * * *

We had a long wait to get the car that we both wanted. This was a consequence of the "Hail Storm" earlier in the year, which greatly slowed the availability of undamaged vehicles in Perth. Without Lance's expertise we could have easily purchased one of these vehicles without knowing it.This is the "peace of mind" which we were expecting from Lance's service and he has delivered. We would definately use his service in the fututre. Thanks again Lance.

E. & S. Dailey. Ocean Reef WA

* * * * *

I am the owner of a gym studio, which I have been having difficulties with the landlords around the leasing arrangement.  I was referred to Bid 4 U by a business associate and started using their services at the end of 2009, when the issue first arose. Lance is an amazingly professional businessman, who definitely knows his stuff. I am very fortunate to have had him on board when dealing with this issue. As it has taken the emotional aspect out of dealing with uncooperative and unrealistic landlords. I would highly recommend Lance’s services to anyone in my situation and for buying cars and equipment. It is nice to be informed and educated as to the do’s and don’ts in all of these dealings. Thank you very much Lance and the Bid 4 U team.

B. Morrow. Kalamunda WA

* * * * *

Thank you Lance, Felicia and Casey for your wonderful service and knowledge. It's always a great experience using your services. You found the perfect vehicle for my business in under 24 hours! Thank you very much.. I know all I need to do is remember Bid 4 U!

J. Matthew. Maylands WA

* * * * *

We are very impressed with the service and have recommended Bid 4 U to three people already! Thank you Lance.

R. Beattie. Gosnells WA

* * * * *

Service was top notch. Provided a service I couldn't have performed and very happy with the result.

D. Pearce. Gooseberry Hill WA

* * * * *

I was migrating from the UK and gave Bid 4 U my car choice from there. Not knowing how to buy or register a car in Australia was no longer a problem, Bid 4 U dealt with everything. Once I arrived Lance had located a car, checked it all over, organised collection and saved me money. I'd have one question - Why would you not want to use Bid 4 U to buy a car?

D. Edward. Mullaloo WA

* * * * *

Coming from the UK, Bid 4 U made buying a car an easy and hassle free experience. Lance listened to our specifications and tried his hardest to find the car we wanted at a very affordable price. Bid 4 U kept us informed about what was happening and made filling in the relevant forms so easy. Bid 4 U comes with high recommendation for a convenient and hassle free car purchase.

J. Edward. Mullaloo WA

* * * * *

I found your service very informative. You always touched base with us and made us aware of any situations, and above all your staff are very efficient and friendly. Lance, your overall attitude and friendly nature whilst also being professional made Tony and I very comfortable, therefore we trusted in any choice you made!

D. Delaurentis. Balcatta WA

* * * * *

Buying through Bid4U put me in the position of being an expert buyer, in contact with a market understood by few and at all times arms length from vendors.

L. Merritt. Willeton WA

* * * * *

Lance found my last vehicle which was absolutely perfect but thanks to the hail storm of March 2010, it became a total loss. I told Lance straight away - he was able to get the car I wanted, at a good price and he was able to get the last hail damage free car in Perth that matched my requirements, so I didn't have to wait the months it was going to take to replenish the damaged stock.

I would recommend Lance to anyone, especially those buying their first cars, new or used, as he goes above and beyond to get you exactly what you want and more!

I look forward to using Lance and the Bid 4 U Team for future purchases.

K. Maxfield. Duncraig WA

* * * * *

Definately no improvements. Fantastic experience. I can't speak highly enough of Lance and the team at Bid 4 U. I will definately refer prospective clients. Thanks for everything!

C. Beck. Guildford WA

* * * * *

Thank you for your professional service provided by yourself Lance and also Felicia who was great to deal with. Your passion has created an extremely professional and well run business. We look forward to working with you and your team again.

A. East. Palmyra WA

* * * * *

Thank you for finding me exactly what I wanted in a car. Your service is much appreciated and so convenient for busy people. It was great having the car delivered so close to home/work. The after-sales service, thank you card and keyring was a lovely afterthrought. Unmatched with today's level of 'service' Thank you!

M. D'Andrilli. Aveley WA

* * * * *

Lance works honestly on behalf of his client and does not compromise on standard on finding the right deal within the stated range even if there is little offering at any time.  I wish him well in his future business on behalf of clients.

J. Rickie. Booragoon WA

* * * * *

You were very helpful, upfront and saved us money.  Your staff were friendly and helpful.  Your knowledge of the car industry is excellent.

R. Walters. Palmyra WA

* * * * *

Lance and the Bid 4 U Team went above and beyond to get our Toyota Landcruiser for us! We will be forever gratefull! They did more than we ever expected of them and made this the easiest purchase we have ever made. Thanks guys!

B & C Warr. Dwellingup WA

* * * * *

My wife and I had been looking for a long time to find the right PT Cruiser and we did spot this one at least a month before we contacted the Bid 4 U Team.  Our problem was that we didn't know anyone to do the leg work over in Perth for us but as time passed and other vehicles didn't quite fit the bill we kept coming back and looking at this vehicle and we eventually stumbled across the Bid 4 U site.

I was very cautious when I first contacted Lance at Bid 4 U because of the distance involved (WA to QLD) and that I had no previous contact with Bid 4 U.  I considered it was quite a risk to purchase a vehicle in this manner.  However after speaking at length with Lance and asking lots of questions about his company and how it operated we decided to use Bid 4 U as our agents to try to negotiate the vehicle we had been looking at.

A day or two passed and there was some paperwork to fill out and then we were delighted to hear from Lance that not only had he secured our desired vehicle, but he had negotiated a price that was $1,100 lower than we were expecting to pay.  This was great news and we were then able to pay for all of Bid 4 U's fees out of this cost saving and still have a few hundred dollars left over.

I was also impressed by the professionalism of the Bid 4 U Team.  Not only did they do as they stated they would when they would, but their communication was often and at no point was I left wondering what was happening in the whole process.

As a result, we now have the exact type of car that we were after and it was all a relatively hassle free process that we went through to get it.  I would not hesitate to contact the team at Bid 4 U again if ever friends or family need representation to purchase any type of property in the future in WA.  Thanks again for a great job.

R & K Wilder.  Mt. Tamborine QLD.

* * * * *

You saved us so much time and money and the service was fantastic! Very reliable, trustworthy and hard-working! I always felt I was being looked after and not forgotten about. Would highly recommend your service to family and friends!!! Thank you Lance once again - I LOVE MY CAR!!

M. Tibb. Scarborough WA.

* * * * *

Excellent Service.  Will have no problems recommending your services. Thanks.

N. Toms. Clarkson  WA.

* * * * *

What a great service. I am reasonably mechanical-minded and have worked on numerous cars, but this service takes the hassel out of it and leaves me to do what I do best - in my workplace! Awesome service. So very convenient and cost effective!

G. Crump. Joondalup WA.

* * * * *

Being a serving member of the Royal Australian Navy posted to a ship, I didn't have the time to search around car yards for a new car. After one consultation with Lance, the search was over. I told Lance exactly what I wanted and the price I wanted to pay and the rest is history.

I went on deployment and came back and the car was ready, finance and all, it was that easy. The money I saved was unbelieveable, you couldn't ask for a better deal. No scams, just 100% honesty.

Lance and the team at Bid 4 U follow the values of Professionalism, Loyalty, Integrity and most of all, Honesty. They will get you what you want, new or used, when you want, at the best possible price- no fuss, no lies.

I would have no hesitation in using this service again. I will always be grateful of the service I received. It is a credit to Lance and the Bid 4 U Team.

D. Price. Royal Australian Navy

* * * * *

What an effortless way to purchase a car! As a country resident, I found Bid 4 U saved me time, hassles and provided me with the most convenient way to obtain a new vehicle.

Lance saved me costly trips to Perth, as I would have had to pay for accomodation while traipsing around from dealer to dealer- as well as saving me from the daunting task of trying to seek out the best deal. Your service was excellent and I am thrilled to bits with my new car.

Thanks Lance and the Bid 4 U Staff for all your help; I will recommend Bid 4 U to my family and friends.

J. Ivey.  Jurien Bay WA 

* * * * *

This makes our Third Contract with Lance in as many years and from the get go Lance has exceeded our expectations, I highly recommend Lance to anyone wanting to buy a new or used car.

My parents had brought two cars previously with Lance and each time they were extremely satisfied but this time it was my turn and I knew I was in the right hands. 

Lance was very up front with me, the car I wanted rarely came up at auction as it was still quite new but I was more than happy to wait, a few months later he rang up "I have found an absolute plum" and he wasn't kidding the car was like new and at a great price.

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Lance and I look forward to using his services in the future.

K. Maxfield. Duncraig WA.

* * * * *

Great deal. Thank you Lance.

C. McLachlan.  Rivervale WA.

* * * * *

Hassle free, Highly personalised service.  Great for purchasers.

J. Neo.  Ellenbrook WA.

* * * * *

Bid 4 U is easy to use, saves you time, money and I do not have to deal with DH Car Dealers.

J. Holligan. Hamilton Hill WA.

* * * * *

I am impressed by the quality and professionalism of your business.  Bid 4 U is unique and your dedication and commitment is reflected in the exceptional level of service you offer your Clients.  You have expertise in an area that most people don't, which can save big $$$ at the end of the day. 

Lance took on various aspects of the deal that went beyond the usual scope of his work.  It ended up saving me just over $10,000 for a $22,000 deal which is extraordinary.  I was very impressed by the consistent and high standard of service by the entire team and am very happy with my new purchase.


R. Meyer.  North Perth WA.


* * * * *

I'm extremely happy with my new car.  Thanks for all your help.  I'll definately use your help for my next car.  Thank you.

D. Murphy.  Thornlie.  WA

* * * * *

 After we went to every Hyundai Dealer in Perth and haggled what we thought was the best price on a New Hyundai Tuscan (Driveaway Price), we followed a friends recommendation and went to Bid 4 U.  Bid 4 U negotiated another $2,500.00 (Driveaway Price) under the best price we obtained.

J. Kamari-Stanimirovic. Morley WA 

* * * * *

Dealing with Lance has been a pleasure, our vehicle is exactly what we were looking for at the right price.  I would not hesitate to recommend Bid 4 U to all my clients, business associates and friends. Many Thanks.

L. McDonald - Darctayl Pty Ltd. Lesmurdie WA

* * * * *

When we were considering taking on a franchise we contacted Bid4U to do a feasibility study.

Through Lance’s diligent and thorough research of all aspects of the contract (a more thorough research than we could have ever done as individuals) Lance gave us the full insight and knowledge into the franchise, so we could make a well-informed decision.

As a consequence of Lance’s review of the full contract, we became aware of significant differences between verbal discussions we had had and the reality of the contract jargon.  The clarity of the report given to us has made us more confident when dealing with future contracts.

The follow up service we have received from Lance has been second to none and I will not hesitate to ask Lance for advice in any future dealings I may be considering.

J & B. Matthew.  Maylands WA

* * * * *

I have spent over 2 months searching for the right 4WD that has all the fruit I want but still at an affordable price.  I gave up with the dealers because they were just too expensive.  I was fed up with private car sales because their cars were either already sold or their stories just didn't add up.  Not to mention being over 1,500 km's from Perth in Karratha, it was going to be hard.

It wasn't until the last guy I called in Geraldton about his 4WD said 'Sorry mate, she's already gone but give Lance at Bid 4 U a call', when my luck turned for the good.

Being sceptical at first I was won over by Lance's honesty, sincerity and professionalism.  The amount of knowledge Lance had at his fingertips was astonishing.  I just told Lance exactly what I wanted, even down to the little things like window tint.  He made note and set off.

4 DAYS LATER I get a call 'Brendan I have your car!' I  was gob smacked.  My new Cruiser had everything I wanted and more.  And it was still under warranty.  I couldn't have been happier.  After all the bills and taxes were paid, I saved myself a whopping $11,000.  That's just crazy.

You have to be crazy to buy a car any other way.  Bid 4 U is the only way.  I've been spreading the word.  Thanks Lance and the Bid 4 U team.  I think a boat is next of the cards.

B. Clark.  Karratha WA.

* * * * *

Thank you for all your hard work in finding us a fantastic car.  We picked it up today and are very happy with it.  The service you provide is excellent and takes all the stress out of purchasing at an auction. The regular updates far exceeded our expectations for the fee paid.  We will definitely recommend you to others and appreciate the service you provide.

S. Jessen. Victoria Park WA 

* * * * *

Thanks Lance - We loved the savings and not having to deal with the car yard.

 F & R Maunton. Yangebup WA 

* * * * *

Just 4 weeks after moving into a house with my young children and signing a 12 month lease, the Real Estate Agent put the house on the market and began showing prospective purchasers through the property while I was at work, without an appointment and without my knowledge, consent or permission.

When I complained that their actions breached the Residencial Tenancy Act they nonchalantly ignored and shrugged off my complaints.

Lance is an Ex; Fraud Squad Detective with an exceptional knowledge of the Residental Tenancy Act.  Within 48 hours he firmly put my real estate agent back in their place and resolved all the surrounding issues.  Interestingly, the real estate agent has not dared to do anything untoward since.

For a single mum trying to assert my rights against a large company is daunting and intimidating.  I felt like I was being forced to get into a ring against a professional fighter where they knew full well that I would stand no chance whatsoever.  Employing Bid 4 U, however, is like having a 300 kg Gorilla on your side who relishes the opportunity to climb into the ring.  The fabulous result is testimony in itself that Bid 4 U achieves outstanding results and Lance's negotiation skills are without peer.

* * * * * * * * 

I have some strong advice for anyone considering buying a new or used car themselves – Don’t waste your time, don’t waste money and don’t put yourself through the hassle.

I ruined a couple of weekends going through newspapers researching Toyota Corollas, then wasted a Saturday running all over Perth trying to negotiate the best price on a late model demo.

The dealers obviously saw me coming because the salesman offered me a token $90 discount on the car I liked and, to add insult to injury, told me that he was giving me the best deal in Perth. How wrong he was!!!

Luckily, when I told a close friend about my predicament he immediately recommended Bid 4 U.

The amount of information Lance had at his fingertips was truly astonishing and dwarfed everything I obtained. Lance then negotiated thousands – yes thousands – under the best price I could obtain and purchased me a brand new vehicle cheaper than what I expected to pay for the demo.

I will be buying all my future vehicles exclusively through Bid 4 U and recommending you to my children, friends, relatives, work colleagues, associates and everyone else I know because Bid 4 U Is The Future.

Everyone wants to save time, irritation and aggravation and Lance saves all three at a price so sharp that when compared everyone else’s best, it is like comparing a scalpel to a blunt stick.

The service is impeccable, Lance’s honesty is refreshing and his negotiation skills are truly phenomenal.

All round great service and takes the stress out of purchasing a new vehicle.

Thanks heaps and heaps.

S. Hicks. Huntingdale WA 

* * * * *

Choosing the right car that suits our needs is one thing!  Getting that car in the right condition! and at the right price! is a whole other thing!  Our expectations were exceeded with our new car and Lance was awesome to deal with in the process.  Absolutely hassle free!!!  We hope your service always stays as personal as it is at present.  We will use you again.

J & M Every.  Dwellingup WA

* * * * *

Bid 4 U is value for money, time saving and professional.

G. Crellin. Landsdale WA

* * * * *

Lance knew what we wanted and got us much more than we thought possible.  Lance made it such a painless stress free process - Thanks so much.

F. Lund. Hamilton Hill WA

I’m a single mother with two young twin daughters. After putting up with the constant financial strain of my old bomb regularly breaking down year, after year, after year, I am now driving the cheapest, nicest and safest 2006 Toyota Corolla Sedan in Perth thanks to Bid 4 U.

Not only did Bid 4 U assist me to obtain cheap finance but, as a complementary service, Lance also realistically priced my existing car so I could sell it quickly at a good price - which I did.

The sad thing is that several years ago when I bought my old car privately out of the paper, the RAC checked it out on my behalf and gave it a clean bill of health, yet from the day I purchased it one thing after another kept going wrong and unscrupulous mechanics took pleasure in constantly ripping me off, which I could ill afford.

Lance, on the other hand, is a walking encyclopedia and what he doesn't know about cars and assessing vehicles for repaired accident damage just isn't worth knowing.

When Lance appraised my old car he immediately noticed that the engine had been replaced, uncovered substantial evidence of repaired accident damage and confirmed that incorrect compliance plates had been substituted.

I found Bid 4 U fabulous to deal with and the whole experience truly pleasureable!! The service is sensational, and Lance is upfront, honest and very, very hard working.  He not only brought me a great vehicle and saved me thousands giving me total piece of mind but in the process also restored my faith in humanity - which is priceless.


C. Lydick. Armadale WA

* * * * *

Honesty & professionalism is what I believe to be a first in business, with an equal amount of product knowledge.  Bid 4 U meets all of this criteria. 

 G. Panting. Mt Lawley WA

* * * * *

Thanks Lance for locating my two vehicles.  I still can't believe how much money you saved me.  As you know at the time I was going through a stressful kitchen renovation.  Not only did you keep me up to date with what was happening but also nothing was too much trouble.  You are very professional and I rate your business as A1.  At times when I called your office I found your staff very helpful and friendly.

Just a point to note.  The thousands you saved me on my two vehicles paid for my "whole" kitchen renovation.  Now you have to love that!

Keep up the excellent work, I will certainly pass your name onto all my friends and work mates.

Keep providing that great personal service.  It is a big plus and something other businesses forget.

B. Bird. Geraldton WA

* * * * *

Lance did a great job expecially since we changed our mind alot on what we wanted. He was very patient and in the end we got exactly what we wanted.

J. Curtis. Thornlie WA                                                                                             

* * * * *

When you're looking for a reliable bargain, call Bid 4 U.  They will find you the best deal in the market.  The service is most professional, easy to understand and ends with perfect results.  Lance will make sure that you will be satisfied.

R. Lurie.  Applecross WA

* * * * *

Thanks Lance and team.  Extremely happy with my car and you exceeded my expectations.  Saved me a lot of money and was able to get better car than expected.
J. Hardy.  Riverton WA

* * * * *

Comprehensive service.  Excellent cost savings.  Excellent checking.  Excellent motor vehicle. 

G. Rickie.  Mt Pleasant WA

* * * * *

When you don’t know what to do, have no one to help you and don’t know where to turn - Bid 4 U is there.

Once again I cannot thank you enough for negotiating with my unscrupulous, immoral and callous Real Estate Agent.

Just 4 weeks after moving into a house with my young children and signing a 12 month lease, the Real Estate Agent put the house on the market and began showing prospective purchasers through the property while I was at work, without an appointment and without my knowledge, consent or permission.

When I complained that their actions breached the Residential Tenancy Act they nonchalantly ignored me and shrugged off my complaints.

Lance is an Ex; Fraud Squad Detective with an exceptional knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act. Within 48 hours he firmly put my real estate agent back in their place and resolved all the surrounding issues. Interestingly, the real estate agent has not dared to do anything untoward since.

For a single mum trying to assert my rights against a large company is daunting and intimidating.  I felt like I was being forced to get into a ring against a professional fighter where they knew full well that I would stand no chance whatsoever. Employing Bid 4 U, however, is like having a 300 kg Gorilla on your side who relishes the opportunity to climb into the ring. The fabulous result is testimony in itself that Bid 4 U achieves outstanding results and Lance’s negotiation skills are without peer.

Sincerely Thanks.

C. Lydick. Armadale WA

* * * * *

A very satisfactory outcome.  Excellent. 

P. Holligan.  Hawkes Nest.  N.S.W

* * * * *

We were very happy with the outcome.  We got what we wanted at a great price.  The peace of mind knowing that Bid 4 U will not purchase anything they are not personally happy with is re-assuring.

G. Hutton.  Kallaroo.  WA

* * * * *

I have dealt with Lance from BID 4 U in the last six months and have found his service and commitment beyond anyone’s expectations.

My vehicle he purchased on my behalf resulted in Lance traveling to Adelaide checking the vehicle in every aspect to make sure he delivered me the best.

Lance does not just do his job and leave it there, he is always willing to help if you have any queries no matter what.

Lance is honest and will tell you straight, he has your best interest in mind.  Lance negotiates to the lowest price he can and does not give up or give in!

Its has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Lance and having this beautiful car to drive!!

Thank you

S. Novatscou.  Carlisle.  WA.

* * * * *

Your doing a good job and I'm sure you will be very successful.

P. Davies.  East Fremantle.  WA

* * * * *

Thank you very much for your professional service.  I had been to a few auctions and I was starting to think what have I got myself in for.

I never thought, until accidentally meeting you at an Auction, that I would end up with a car to the standard that I did.  You took all the hard work and worry out of purchasing my new car. Throughout the whole process you made me feel in control and comfortable that you had my interests at heart.

The level of standard you expect in your purchases was evident when I picked up my new Holden Rodeo. I couldn’t be happier with choosing you to represent me and when I make my next purchase I will think of nothing else than securing your services once again.

Thank you.

S. Phelan.  Port Kennedy.  WA

* * * * *

Thanks Lance.

R. Seaman.  Cranbrook.  WA

* * * * *

You took the hassel out of finding a bloody car!  Thank you Lance.  Really like my new car.  It's awesome.  Trying to send a many people your way as possible!

S. Watts.  Langford.  WA

* * * * *

Thanks for 1st class service.

N. Maxfield.  Duncraig.  WA

* * * * *

I find all your business dealings excellent and can't find any improvements, and would be very happy to have other dealings with you.  I appreciate your honesty, integrity, knowing you are getting first class attention, prompt feedback and sound knowledge of the motor industry.

H. Taylor.  Dianella  WA

* * * * *

Lance provided a very professional service and his knowledge of auctions is second to none.

L. McGowan.   Clarkson WA

* * * * *

We were extremely happy with the service provided and the end result exceeded our expectations.  We have already recommended Bid 4 U to others.  Thank you.

R. Stenhouse.  Mt Hawthorn WA

* * * * *

Fantastic Service.  I can't thank you enough Lance.  I'm still loving my car!

A. Matthew.  Maylands WA

* * * * *

I wanted to thank you again for doing all the hard work.  It was so fantastic to just walk in and have everything ready to drive away.  We will be recommending you whenever we can because you made buying a car just so easy!

N. Quinlan.  Success.  WA

* * * * *

A unique service which has saved us money and provided greater quality than we could get ourselves.  Thanks Lance.

S. Dowling.  Heathridge.  WA 

* * * * *

The car is awesome and I'm totally stoked with it!  Thanks heaps for getting it organised so quickly and efficiently.  It's been such an easy process!  Considering it only took 4 days!  I will recommend you to all of my friends.  It's a brilliant concept.

M. Brodie-Hall.  Daglish WA

* * * * *

Lance managed to make the whole process really easy for me and worked really hard to get me the car at the price I wanted.  Car is great. Drives great, looks great, feels great.  Very handy and professional.  Thanks heaps.

K. Robinson.  Geraldton WA

* * * * *

Thank you for your assistance in buying my car and taking the hassle out of the process of finding and negotiating a vehicle.  I am exceptionally happy with my car and you saved me so much money.  Your knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail has been very much appreciated and I am totally thrilled with your service.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and colleagues.  I wish you much success in your business.   Thanks again.

L. Richards.  Atwell WA

* * * * *

We are really really happy with the service that you provided.  We would highly recommend Bid 4 U to anyone that is in the market for items as Bid 4 U you give a really good service all round.  Well thanks again.  I will use you again.  Thanks to Bid 4 U for helping us.

A. Rowland.  Albany WA

* * * * *

Thanks very much.  Great service.

M. Luff.  Thornlie  WA

* * * * *

No one could get a better price.

L. Patch.  Wanneroo  WA

* * * * *

I was very happy with the service provided.  I was impressed with Lance's enthusiasm and integrity.  We got the car we wanted with minimal hassle and for a great price.  A very convenient, high integrity service.

M. McFarlane.  Scarborough  WA

* * * * *

Many thanks Lance, it's a great little car.

J. Michelly.  Swanbourne  WA

* * * * *

Well done Lance.  The car is good.  With Thanks. 

H. McBratney.  Bickley  WA

* * * * *

Thanks again Lance!  The Vitara (now known as 'Daisy Duke') scrubbed up nice and all is going well.  It was such a pleasant experience to deal with someone so honest, professional and reliable.  I can honestly say I have never had a better experience in a professional encounter.  Thanks again.

J. Boven.  Bibra Lake  WA

* * * * *

I thank you Lance for taking the pressure off in my selection of a new vehicle and new computer.  I was nervous about dealing alone when a friend gave me your business name, and I was grateful. 

You came to my home bringing papers and information which was appreciated.  I was very satisfied with the financial savings and excellent purchases you made. 

I have confidence in your professional approach and have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone needing help, advice and particularly savings as well.

H. Johnston.  Applecross  WA

* * * * *

A positive experience with Bid 4 U and we have a great new car.  A great hassle free way to buy a car for people with little time and very busy families.  Thank a billion.

G. Hanley.   Cloverdale  WA

* * * * *

I was very impressed with the professional and friendly service I was given by Bid 4 U when Lance purchased my 2005 Toyota Camry Altise on my behalf.  Within three days of signing my contract my car was found and I was kept informed through every step of the way. 

I had never considered buying a car through an auction before but in future will be employing Bid 4 U every time as all the hard work was done for me. Thank you for all your effort as it was definitely a pleasure dealing with you. 


Y. Black.   Seville Grove  WA

* * * * *

 A professional service which saves time, energy and stress for the purchaser.  I highly recommend Bid 4 U.

E. Carle.   Mt Claremont  WA

* * * * *

Thank you very much for your professionalism, efficiency and outstanding service.  I had never considered buying a vehicle at Auction before simply because I know nothing about cars and had no way of telling whether or not the car was a lemon or had previously been involved in a major accident.

You saved me thousands under the best price I could get from a car dealer and precious time whilst giving me total piece of mind.

I was a pleasure actually dealing with someone who genuinely cares about the buyer's interest for a change.  I couldn't recommend your services highly enough.  I wish Bid 4 U every success in the future because I'm sure there are thousands of people out there just like me who are sick and tired of being lied to and ripped off by unscrupulous car salesman.

K. McDonald.  Cannington WA.

* * * * *

My recent business dealing with Lance Synnerdahl from "Bid 4 U" was the most rewarding purchasing experience I have had. At last there is a person with integrity, sincerity & professionalism to represent the Purchaser and whose sole aim is to obtain the best possible deal for his client.

I found his in home service invaluable, as being a full time Carer for my invalid husband time is a luxury I do not have, nor do I have the confidence or know -how to even attempt such a purchase through a car yard or an Auction. Not only did Lance find me the perfect car but he saved me thousands of dollars as well. I am only too happy to recommend "Bid 4 U" to anyone in need of such a fantastic service.

Most gratefully yours.

M. Healy.  Beeliar WA.

* * * * *










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