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means every conveyance, not being train, vessel or aircraft and includes anything capable, made, adapted or intended of being propelled or drawn, on wheels or tracks, by any means and includes:

  • Passenger Cars;
  • A Passenger Car derivative;
  • A Motorcycle;
  • A Camper Van;
  • A vehicle of a type or class that is prescribed to be a type or class of vehicle to which the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act 1973, as amended also applies such as: 
    • Caravans;
    • Four wheel drives;
    • Motorcycles;
    • Motor wagons;
    • Trucks and Commercial vehicles; and,
    • Passenger vans


means the same as Seller.


means a ship, a boat and every other kind of vessel used in navigation.


means a motor vehicle having a manufacture date or chassis date pre-1905.

VIN / Chassis Nº (Vehicle Identification Number)

means a unique seventeen (17) digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) based on the International Standards Organisation (ISO) vehicle identification system. The VIN is often referred to as the Chassis Number and the two terms are interchangeable.

Vehicle Identification Numbers were introduced as an Australian Design Rule (ADR) in January 1989 have been required by law to be included on the Compliance Plates (Primary Identifier) of every vehicle manufactured or licensed within Australia since that date.

Between 1972 and January 1989 Compliance Plates, containing the Chassis Number, month of and year of manufacture and the Australian Design Rules the vehicle complied with, were required by law be fitted to all vehicles manufactured or licensed within Australia, however, during this period the Chassis Numbers were rarely seventeen (17) digit numbers.

The Chassis Numbers used on vehicles built prior to 1972 were often rudimentary. They were either stamped on a metal plate affixed to the vehicle and/or stamped directly onto part the vehicle. Often a separate build plate displaying only the date the vehicle was built was also attached to the vehicle, however, this was not always the case.

Although the Chassis Numbers used on vehicles manufactured prior to January 1989 technically do not meet the definition of a VIN because they do not contain seventeen (17) digits, they are nevertheless usually referred to within the vehicle industry as the VIN / Chassis Number.

The VIN is typically stamped or printed on the Compliance Plate and Build Plates which may be made of aluminium or are a sticker affixed to the vehicle. In addition, the VIN is often also stamped onto the vehicle. 


 (Build Date, Build Plate, Chassis Number, Compliance Date, Compliance Plate, Registration Number) 


means a motor vehicle having a manufacture date or chassis date between 1905 and 1940. 

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