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Terms and Conditions of Sale

means the conditions that are written, faxed, advertised, published, displayed, stated, read out or provided electronically or via any other means by an Auctioneer, Dealer or Seller which communicates any or all of the following: 

  • The details, terms and conditions of the auction or sale;
  • How bids will be accepted and lots sold;
  • The conditions which contractually bind the purchaser and their agent, including Bid 4 U and the duties,    obligations, exclusions and limitations placed on bidders or purchasers and their agents by the Auctioneer or    Seller;
  • The fees and charges, including any buyers’ premium and GST imposed by an Auctioneer or Seller and any fees, charges or penalties that may be levied or imposed by the Auctioneer or Seller or any party for any reason, including for default of an sale an auction or condition. 
Note 1. The Terms and Conditions of Sale are also often referred to as: The Auctioneer’s Terms and Conditions of Sale, Conditions of Sale, Guide for Prospective Purchasers or Conditions of Business.
An Auctioneer’s Terms and Conditions of Sale are often included at the beginning or end of an auction catalogue.




means the legal documents showing the 'lot' dimensions, location and ownership of the land as well as any encumbrances, if any, that constitute evidence of  ownership.  (Green Title, Purple Title)

Total Amount or Total Amount Owing

means the aggregate of the full purchase price, Bid 4 U’s Professional Service Fees, charges and  expenses as well as all other supplier and third party costs such as mechanical inspections, transport, removal, delivery, assembly, insurance and security costs but excluding any fees, charges or taxes which may be payable, such as stamp duty, luxury car tax or other license fees.

Trip meter

is an instrument which runs in conjunction with the odometer that measures the distance a vehicle travels from the last time it was reset.   (Odometer, Speedometer)



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