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Passed In

means where the highest bid advanced for a lot at auction failed to reach the reserve price on the fall of the hammer and the Auctioneer refused to accept the highest bid and the lot remained unsold. (Referred)   

Note Where lots are unsold at auction the Auctioneer has the following options:
  • Advertise the lot for sale at a price at or above the reserve price;
  • Withdraw the lot from sale completely;
  • Re-auction the lot at a later date.



Passenger Car

means a vehicle, other than a motor cycle, constructed primarily for the conveyance of people.

Passenger Car Derivative

means a vehicle of the same make as a factory produced passenger car in which the forward part of the body and the greater part of the mechanical equipment of the vehicle are the same as those in a Passenger car.  For Example: A panel van or utility.

Passenger Van

means a vehicle constructed primarily for the conveyance of eight (8) or less people and includes vans with more than one row of seats.


means a permanent, open sided or semi-enclosed structure which is free-standing or attached to a dwelling, enclosing a paved outdoor recreational area having a water-impermeable roof.

Most patios are constructed of steel and may incorporate retractable awnings or retractable blinds attached to the sides of the structure.

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means a permanent, open sided structure which is free-standing or attached to a dwelling, enclosing a paved outdoor recreational area that is unroofed or has a water-permeable roof, such as shade cloth.

Most pergolas are usually constructed of wood and consist of a sturdy framework with pillars supporting cross beams and an open lattice structure that forms the roof.


means the folded steel frame which holds up the vehicle's roof and supports the doors.  The A-Pillar refers to the pillar immediately in front of the front doors, the B-Pillar is the one immediately behind the front doors whilst the C-Pillar is the one immediately behind the rear doors on a four door vehicle.  On a station wagon the numbering of the first three pillars remains the same, however, the pillar supporting the tailgate is known as the D-Pillar.   (A-Pillar, B-Pillar and C-Pillar)

Plant & Equipment

means vehicles, machinery, mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment, tools, appliances, fixtures, implements and any accessories thereto or components or fittings thereof. 

Postal Address

means Bid 4 U’s official postal address, namely Po Box 731 Cannington, WA 6987.

Post Vintage

means a motor vehicle that is older than 15 years with a manufacture date or chassis date after 1940.


means the Personal Property Security Register as amended.  The PPSR Check now includes a Register of encumbrance, WOVR and stolen vehicle check Australia wide.         

Preferential Bidding

means where Bid 4 U is contracted as part of an Attendance Fee to bid for two or more lots at an auction and/or negotiate the purchase of two or more items on a Client’s behalf, Bid 4 U will bid in the Client’s nominated preference order as they are offered at auction (usually in numerical order) until successful or until the Hammer Price of the lot or the sale price of the item exceeds the Client’s maximum bid for each lot or item. 

In other words, Bid 4 U will bid and/or negotiate on the Client’s first choice, then, if unsuccessful, on the Client’s second choice and so on as the lots are offered for sale in the Client’s nominated preference order, until Bid 4 U is the successful bidder or successfully negotiates the purchase of the lot or item or until all the nominated lots have been sold.

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Professional Services

means the services provided by Bid 4 U, whether for payment of a fee or otherwise.


means land and chattels.

Prospective Client

means an individual, firm, entity or organisation that is considering engaging Bid 4 U’s professional services but has not signed a contract with Bid 4 U.


means the documented or verifiable history of an antiquity, antique, curio or collectable, that has been passed on to each subsequent owner.

An unusual or notable provenance may significantly enhance the value of a lot or item.
  2. Sometimes Auctioneers may withhold or decline to disclose the identity of previous owners for confidentiality reasons.



Purchase Price

means the price (in Australian dollars) of a lot or item negotiated by Bid 4 U on a Client’s behalf, which may either include or exclude GST, depending on the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The negotiated purchase price DOES NOT INCLUDE:

  • Any Buyer’s Premium; and,
  • Any penalties that may be levied or imposed by the Auctioneer and/or by any other party for any reason, including for default of an auction condition; and,
  • Bid 4 U’s professional service fees; and
  • Lot dismantling, transport, removal, delivery, assembly, insurance and security costs; and,
  • Any other additional fees, charges or taxes which may be payable, such as stamp duty, luxury car tax or license fees.

The difference between the Hammer Price and the Purchase Price is essentially that the Hammer Price refers to a lot acquired through bidding at auction whereas the Purchase Price refers to the negotiated price of a lot or item.


means the person who makes the highest bid for a lot at auction that is accepted, subject to any reserve, on the Fall of the Hammer by the Auctioneer or the person who successfully negotiates the purchase of a lot or item. In other words, the buyer. (Buyer)

Purple Title - Tenants in Common

means where the 'unity of possession' stipulates that the land cannot be divided or partitioned.  Separate Title may be issued for each unit in a group of units with the rest of the land being held as Tenants in common with equal shares being issued in the same number as the number of units. 

The Certificate of Title states the number of undivided shares contained on the Title whilst the sketch and lot number show the whole land in the plan or diagram. In the past, the sketch of the land used to be shaded purple and as a consequence became known as Purple Title. (Green Title and Title)


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These definitions and interpretations may be subject to review and change from time to time



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