We are able to establish a vehicle's Identity by Forensically Examining them for signs they have been Stolen, Ghosted, Cloned, Re-Birthed, Cross-Boarder Transfer, Cut and Shut, Strip and Buy Back, Model Upgraded or otherwise illegally or fraudulently dealt with. 

As part of our inquiries we conduct all the relevant security checks.  We also investigate the Service History to uncover anomalies, and can also verify and corroborate the service records and warranty history, if required.

Examination of the vehicle's service history not only provides a clear indication of how the vehicle has been looked after but the service history also assists in pinpointing likely accident, collision damage dates as well as corroborating the severity of the damage by identifying the amount of time the vehicle was off the road.


We forensically examine the vehicle identifiers to determine whether they are consistent with the make and model of vehicle

Vehicles can have up to eight identifiers.

We know how many identifiers every make and model should have, where they should be located and how they should be attached. We know how to interpret the coded information they contain and forensically examine the identifiers for evidence that they have been re-attached, altered, tampered with or replaced. We know the type of material the Compliance and Build plates should be made of, how they should be engraved, the depth of the engraving and the type of fonts and spacing that should be used.  We even know the type of rivets that should be used to attach them with.

We have examined literally tens of thousands of identifiers and have detected forged Compliance Plates containing such subtle inaccuracies as an incorrectly engraved asterisk.

Our expertise is focused on one aim - to prevent your from being Exploited, Deceived or Overcharged. 



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