As part of a forensic vehicle examination we investigate whether the vehicle has been recorded as a Write-Off, and if so, can interpret the NEVDIS Codes to determine whether the vehicle was recorded as a Statutory Write-Off or a Repairable Write-Off.  We then compare the NEVDIS information (where recorded) with our forensic findings to confirm whether the vehicle was correctly classified as a Statutory Write-Off or a Repairable Write-Off.


It is important to note that approximately 20% of Written-Off vehicles are either incorrectly classified as a Statutory or Repairable Write-Off, are never recorded in the first place or are ghosted, cut-and-shut, strip and buy back or re-birthed stolen vehicles. 



When a vehicle is recorded as a Repairable Write-Off or Statutory Write-Off the vehicle it is allocated a NEVDIS code which is a complex series of letters and numbers (See the above example in blue) that records the location, type and severity of the damage sustained to a recorded Written-Off vehicle.

We are able to not only interpret the NEVDIS Codes but, after reviewing the repairs and the repair records can also determine whether the vehicle was properly classified as a Write-Off.


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