We are internationally accredited experts specialising in forensically examining vehicles for post repair accident, collision or hail damage to:

Pinpoint the location of the initial damage.
Determine the severity and extent of the initial accident, collision or hail damage.
Uncover the collision forces responsible.
Establish whether the repairs are consistent with the Collision Force Dynamics.
Verify the Identity of the vehicle and verify the Identifyers.
Uncover evidence that the vehicle has been Stolen, Ghosted, Cloned, Re-Birthed, Cross-Boarder Transfer, Cut and Shut, Strip and Buy Back, Model Upgraded or otherwise illegally or fraudulently dealt with.
Unearth evidence of Odometer Tampering.
Ascertain whether the structural integrity and safety of the vehicle may have been compromised.
Determine whether that damage would have constituted classification as a Statutory or Repairable Write-Off.
Investigate whether the vehicle has been recorded as a Write-Off, and if so, interpret the NEVDIS Codes to determine whether the vehicle was recorded as a Statutory Write-Off or a Repairable Write-Off.
Compare the NEVDIS information (where recorded) with our forensic findings to confirm whether the vehicle was correctly classified as a Statutory Write-Off or a Repairable Write-Off.

In every case we can precisely verify the quality of the subsequent repairs and the paint quality.     


Our expertise is complimented by our use of highly sophisticated test equipment including:

* High powered LED ultraviolet black lights.
* Optic fibre wireless micro-cameras with full recording capability.
* Non-destructive magnetic, eddy current and ultrasonic paint-thickness and substrate detection gauges.
* Laser measuring devices.
* Digital electrical multimeters; and,
* Thermal imaging detection devices.



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*MTA Member Bidding Service DL: 18363*