Odometer tampering or 'winding back the clock' as it is otherwise known, is a major problem for consumers in Australia, which unfortunately, is becoming more prevalent.   

Analogue odometers found on older vehicles could be wound back with relative ease by competent Back Yard Dealers and unscrupulous Private Sellers.  Today, however, with the correct re-programming tools (which can be inexpensively purchased over the internet) virtually anyone can now easily erase thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of kilometres from a digital odometer within minutes.  And the alteration of the odometer itself is undetectable and untraceable.  And of course, it goes without saying that the lower the odometer reading, the higher the price.

Instantly erasing thousands of kilometres by winding back an odometer can result in a sale price thousands of dollars higher that what the vehicle is reallly worth - with you the unsuspecting consumer footing the bill.

How bad can it get?  Recently we examined a four year old 10 seater mini bus on behalf of a Client.  The mini bus was being advertised as a genuine one owner, well looked after original 48,000 kilometre vehicle.  Our forensic examination, however, revealed that the odometer reading had likely been wound back from about 400,000 kilometres.  In other words, around 352,000 kilometres (thats around 11 years of additional normal wear and tear) had been simply erased.  Of course we rejected the vehicle.


There is only one fail safe, yet very simple way to avoid becoming a victim of Odometer Fraud - Engage Bid 4 U to forensically examine the vehicle on your behalf.     

There are dozens of signs of odometer tampering - AND WE KNOW THEM ALL.

After examining, negotiating and purchasing thousands of vehicles, we know every scam, hidden trap, dirty trick and sneaky con in the book that unscrupulous Private Sellers and Back Yard Dealers will try to use to try to rip you off. 

As internationally accredited collision damage and repair assessment experts, Bid 4 U's aim is to make sure that you are not exploited, deceived or overcharged and our role is to prevent you from becoming the next victim!  Total piece of mind is only a phone call away.....


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