A collision force dynamic Analysis is a very important Forensic Vehicle Examination tool.  As part of our Forensic Vehicle Examination we conduct a Collision Force Dynamic Analysis to:

Identify the types of Collision Forces which were responsible for the damage.
Pinpoint the likely location of the damage, including any hidden damage.
Verify the extent of the damage.
Ascertain whether that damage was consistent with our findings.
Assess whether the vehicle's vehicles active and passive safety systems interacted and performed correctly.




Collision Force Dynamic Analysis is the identification and examination of the various types of collision forces that come into play during a collision and the assessment of how the interaction of those forces caused the subsequent damage. 

A Collision Force Dynamic Analysis involves discovering the damage locations; pinpointing the damage; following the likely load paths and assessing how the interaction of the vehicle’s force distribution and dissipation systems such as crumple zones, kick-up and off-set areas and steel types strengths absorbed, dispersed, transferred and managed the collision energy to protect the vehicle occupants from injury during a collision.

The precise coordinated interaction between the vehicle’s active and passive safety features is absolutely critical during a collision. This is extremely important because if the vehicle had been involved in a moderate or major collision and was not repaired strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or had undergone a previous substandard repair, then the structural integrity and safety of the vehicle may have been compromised.  What this means is that an vehicle with an original safety rating of five stars could end up having a safety rating of two or three stars or less.  In other words, in event of another collision, a survivable crash may not be survivable - or more severe injuries than what would be otherwise expected may be suffered as a result, including life threatening injuries or death where no injuries whatsoever should be sustained.   


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