Unlike most fleet buyers who will send you a quote in around 20 minutes knocking around $500 - $1,000 off the recommended retail price - we are able to secure you absolute rock bottom prices.


Our unique business model ensures that we are always able to secure the absolute best possible price for New  vehicles whether it is a new car, new HME (Heavy Machinery Equipment), a new Truck or new Mobile Plant & Equipment.

The way we operate is opposite to how other fleet buyers work.  That is why we are so successful and why our prices are the absolute best in Australia. 

  • Where they willy-nilly chase quotes all over the place....
        - We obtain unbeatable fleet prices from our preferred dealers.
  • Where they struggle to find vehicles....
    We can immediately secure you a vehicle.
  • Where they incorporate their costs into the price of the vehicle....
    We simply charge a fee for providing our service so what we pay for the vehicle is exactly what you pay.
  • Where they receive payments and 'kickbacks' from dealers....
    We do not accept any payments, 'kickbacks' or commissions.
  • Where they make extra money from up-selling you accessories.....
    We purchase you accessories at our Fleet prices.
  • Where they send out quotes to everyone and anyone hoping to obtain a reasonable price....
    We go straight to our preferred Fleet Dealers to secure you a car at the best possible price.


Our unique business model ensures that we are ALWAYS able to obtain the absolute best possible price.  In order to take advantage of our heavily discounted Fleet pricing need to sign ‘on the dotted line’ then and there so to speak.  That is why we insist on finance pre-approval and a signed contract before we commence working on your behalf.

Our razor sharp pricing is dependent upon being able to give our Preferred Fleet Dealers a purchase guarantee where they give us the best possible price and can meet availability.  It is a simple but highly effective business model.

We don't willy-nilly send out quotes all over the place, then cross our fingers you accept a quote where the price looks half reasonable.  Rather, we have formed strong, long term partnerships with our preferred dealers who appreciate the volume of our repeat business and our highly efficient business model.

Our preferred dealers know that so long as they can supply a vehicle at a razor sharp price, the business is theirs – No ifs'!  No buts!  No changing the mind!  No second thoughts!  No time wasted!  No problems!  Hence our requirement for working off contract and ensuring that we have finance in place first.

The equation is simple:



Think of this.  Because most fleet operators don't have a guarantee to purchase in place, they only end up accepting around 10% of the quotes they send out.  And of the quotes they do accept, another 20% or so end up declined for some one reason or another, such as where the person's finance fell through or the dealer couldn't secure a vehicle in time.

Consequently, all the dealers receiving quotes (and there are usually lots of them) each waste hours and hours providing quotes that are ultimately rejected.  The end result is that the dealers have to build their lost time into the price of every car quoted to cover their costs – resulting in you paying a higher price.  In addition, most fleet operators are also burdened by high operational, administration and staff costs - which you end up paying for.


If we can't get hold of a vehicle no one can.

Because we use preferred dealers they go out of their way to secure us a vehicle and will swap vehicles with other dealers if necessary.  We also have Australia Wide industry contacts and can source vehicles through from the Eastern States where it is financially viable to do so.


We don't just buy you the car.  We forensically examine the vehicle for repaired accident, collision and hail damage.  We complete all the paperwork and organise transport and delivery right to your home or office door so you don't have to do a thing. 

We can also arrange aftermarket accessories, Specialist Builds and Signage if required.



We have NEVER been beaten on price on anything and be back that up with our written Price Guarantee.  See what our Client's have said about us....



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*MTA Member Bidding Service DL: 18363*