We Make Buying a New Car Easy!

Our aim at Bid 4 U is to save you time, money and the hassle and turn what once was a major source of stress, confusion and frustration into a pleasurable, highly satisfactory purchasing experience.

Most people consider themselves good negotiators.  But think of this?  How often do you negotiate items equal in value to the cost of the car you are thinking about purchasing?  Once every year?  Once every two years?  Less?  Car Dealers are are paid on commission so the need to be highly practiced and proficient.  They also negotiate all day, every day, six days a weekThat's their job.  Their livelihood depends on how good they are.  And they are rewarded with bonuses for meeting sales targets.  So wouldn't you rather avoid being the next person being unknowingly lined up in a dealer's sights?  Find out More....

Thanks to our new car Fleet discounts and unique Preferred Dealer Tendering System you no longer need to trudge from dealer to dealer trying to sort out fact from fiction and hoping to haggle a good price - which you can never be sure was really all that good.

All you need to do is Remember Bid 4 U.  We can buy you a New Car in 8 Easy StepsTell us the make, model, type and colour of vehicle you want, contract us to purchase your vehicle and we'll buy your new car at our heavily discounted Fleet prices at a price thats unbeatable.

Due to our extensive experience, unsurpassed automotive industry knowledge and massive Fleet buying power, we're able to secure you Fleet discounted pricing far below what the average new car buyer could ever possibly hope to achieve on their own.  Not to mention the precious time and hassle we save you wasting trawling through car yards and the aggravation of having to put up with dealers.  We also Forensically Examine your new car to ensure your car has not damage present and no repaired accident or collision damage.

To read what our Clients have had to say about us see our Testimonials

So, if you want to buy a new car at the cheapest price in Australia and let us take care of everything from buying your new car, valuing and disposing of your existing car, to arranging specialist builds, aftermarket accessories and signage call 1300 2 Bid 4 U (1300 224 348), click this link to our friendly General Enquiry Form or complete our no obligation Intention to Purchase Form. 


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