We provide the following professional Bidding & Bidding Management Services:



We are Australia’s first and foremost Professional Bidding, Buying, Procurement, Valuation and NegotiationService.  We take the time to listen to your needs and offer a wide range of individually tailored services  our professional services to suit your requirements and budget.





We offer a range of services to suit every requirement and budget from Valuation Appraisal Reports and forensic accident, collsion and hail damage assessments and to a Comprehensive Vehicle Location Fee where we locate, forensicaly examine, bid, negotiate and purchase the vehicle on your behalf as well as complete all the relevent paperwork  - so you don't have to do a thing.












                                                      3 MAIN CRITERIA

We locating from three main criteria: your Maximum Bid, your Minimum Condition and Maximum Odometer Reading.  We will not exceed your Maximum Bid under any circumstances,



                                    COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS

In many instances, we can conduct a CMA of the make, model and type of vehicle you intend purchasing as well as undertake comparisions between other vehicle makes and models so you can make a sound, informed purchasing decision.



                                             VEHICLE LOCATION

We are able to use our extensive auction connections, agency networks and auction and market contacts to procure items and initiate sales, including accessing ‘Silent Sales’.   Find out More....




                                 FORENSIC VEHICLE EXAMINATIONS

We forensically examine vehicles for repaired accident, collision and hail damage as well as for odometer tampering and evidence that the vehicle has been illegally altered, modified or dealt with given our Clients piece of mind knowing that they to your giving you total piece of mind.   Find out More....



                                          AUCTION BIDDING

Anyone can raise their hand at an auction and make a bid.   But Mastering the art of   bidding - being able to infludence the pace of bidding, 'read the crowd', intimidate other bidders by bidding decisevely and   - is another matter entirely.

We use our extensive market knowledge and over twenty years auction bidding expertise to secure your desired vehicle at the lowest possible price. 
Find out More....


                            GUARANTEED CONFIDENTIALITY,                            DISCRETION & ANONYMITY

We take protecting your identity seriously - So your business remains exclusively your business.

Providing anonymous representation also gives us an enormous advantage.  Auctioneers, Dealers and Sellers never know who we are representing or anythign about you until after we have purchased the vehicle, so they cannot bump up the price by appealing to your emotional triggersFind out More....

                             REPRESENTATION AT RESTRICTED
                              DEALER EXCLUSIVE AUCTIONS

As a licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer we are able to attend restricted Dealer Exclusive Auctions and Tenders and purchase vehicles on your behalf - at trade prices - that are reserved exclusively for the trade.


                                              NO EMOTIONAL INVOLVEMENT

Having no emotional attachment and being able to bid, buy and negotiate with our head, rather than our heart, ensures complete impartiality, focused bidding and decisive negotiations.

Having no emotional attachment also give us a distinct advantage because we don't get caught up in the excitment of the auction and because we always examine and value vehicles before we are able to pinpoint the condition and know exactly how much a car is worth and when to stop bidding which simply translates into savings worth thousands. 


We're also expert negotiators.....And we work for you to negotiate you the best possible price.  Find out More....

As part of our exclusive service, we automatically negotiate all purchases we are the under-bidder and you can rest assure that the price we negotiate is razor sharp.  Our unparallelled market knowledge, vast experience and expertise automatically puts Dealers on the back foot - which is, we're sure, where you would like them to be.

                              TRANSPPORT ARRANGED

As part of our professional Service we also complete all the paperwork so all you have to to is collect your vehicle, or if you prefer, we can arrange the transport your vehicle to virtually anywhere in Australia.  We also provide 24/7 online vehicle tracking through our website so you can monitor the transportaton progress of your vehicle.   Find out More....



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*MTA Member Bidding Service DL: 18363*