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We make buying a new car easy.  Decide on the make, Model & Colour car you want to purchase and the accessories you would like. Go to our New Motor Vehicle Links and Red Book on our website, read magazines or talk to people.  Better still, give us a No-Obligation Free Call, because we are Australia's premier Bidding, Buying and Negotiation Service and there is virtually nothing we don't know about cars.
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Contact Us
Complete our No Obligation Intention to Purchase Form on our website, or Ring or E-Mail us with your vehicle Requirements.  We will then send you a contract to purchase a vehicle on your behalf and can assist you with Finance and Insurance if you require.
How Do we Work & Why do we operate off contract?
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Need to Dispose of an Existing Vehicle? - No Problem!
If you intend selling your existing car privately we can value your vehicle (We are Internationally Qualified vehicle valuers) so you can be assured of selling your car quickly and achieving the highest possible price.  Alternatively, we can arrange the Auction or Trade-In of your existing fleet or car - The Choice is Yours. 
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Sit Back & Relax
Once you return the contract, Relax we will take care of everything including purchasing you a car at the best possible price.  Using our Fleet Discounts and unique preferred dealer tendering process, we invite our selected Fleet Dealers to compete for your business. Our massive Fleet Buying Power, Trade Contacts and Experience ensure we always achieve the absolute lowest possible price saving you thousands!   Find out More....

Bid 4 U will order the vehicle on your behalf.  The vehicle is purchased directly in your name.  Once your car arrives at the dealership we will attend and forensically examine your vehicle to ensure that it has no damage present and no repaired accident damage.  Why?  Because approximately 2% to 3% of brand new vehicles have sustained some form of damage and we like to give our Clients the piece of mind of knowing that you get exactly what you've paid for - A brand new non-accident damaged vehicle.  Find out More....
Aftermarket Accessories, Specialist Builds, & Signage
If you you're running a business, operating a mine or just want to fit aftermarket accessories such as high-rise kits or ARB roof racks to customise your car we can easily arrange everything - AT FLEET PRICES - saving you money and precious time, so you can concentrate on what you do best - running your business or getting on with your life.
We can arrange virtually any type of signage from small magnetic signs to full vehicle wraps, and virtually any type of Specialist Build - from fully fitted out trade mates to complete underground mine specification builds including fire suppression systems.  Find out More....   
Delivery & Transport
We will keep you up to date as to the estimated delivery timeframe; and for your convenience we give you individual Client Access to our website so you can receive important paperwork and monitor the progress of your vehicle, including aftermarket accessories, signage and specialist builds, anywhere in the World 24/7.
Need the vehicle delivered Interstate or to a remote mine site?  Just let us know when and where and we will make it happen.....and we provide live, 24/7 on line Vehicle Tracking!
We will arrange delivery of your new vehicle
right to your home or office door with a full set of floor mats and a full tank of fuel - Of Course.  



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*MTA Member Bidding Service DL: 18363*