Valuation Purposes

From small fleets of two vehicles to large fleets of over 100 vehicles, from small dealerships of 40 cars to dealerships of over 500 vehicles, from small Plant & Equpiments Fleets to large combination car, HME, Truck and Plant & Equipment fleets, BID4U can provide

Understanding Insurance Policy Wording

Most importantly BID4U understands contracts and insurance policy wording and, when undertaking insurance valuation appraisals, always ensure that every insurance valuation meets the definition embodied within the policy.


We understand the importance of keeping your asset register up to date to ensure accounting compliance and maintain adequate insurance cover.  We also appreciate that the Cost of a detailed valuation appraisal can be many times the cost of an annual valuation appraisal review.  Therefore, where we are engaged to provide three or more consecutive annual fleet valuation reviews for fleets of over ten (10) vehicles, in addition to the initial valuation appraisal, for a pre-arranged fee, we offer cash flow averaging to apportion our total costs over the life of the contract.  This typically represents a cash flow saving to businesses of around 60%.



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