Bid 4 U specialises in the strategic and collaborative sourcing, negotiation, purchasing, commissioning and optimisation of HME, Trucks, Vehicles and Mobile Plant & Equipment Fleets.   We provide Fleet Management Consultancy Services to assist our Clients properly align their supplier relationships, optimise efficiency and increase their operational competitiveness.

We provide the following specialist Fleet Management Contultancy Services: 


Using our extensive end-to-end procurement, negotiation, contract management and fleet management expertise we can independently review your management practices and processes and assess your resource capabilities to identify ineficiencies and recommend key procurement and asset managment strategies for seemless acquisition and disposal and the smooth commissioning, integration, maintenance, transport and operation of your fleet assets.



We can create acquisition matrixes and conduct in-depth fleet analyses to determine optimum vehicle suitability and implement targeted equipment assignment and distribution strategies to enhance cost effectiveness, minimise costs and maximise profits..

We are specialists in designing and implementing systems for the selection, assignment and replacement of asset fleets as well as developing equipment commissioning and placement strategies to align procurement targets with asset distribution and maintenance plans to resolve potential scheduling, transport and planning issues to improve operational efficiency.  



We can deliver cost savings and assist you optimise your service delivery by:

Evaluating your supplier contracts
Rationalise existing agreements to improve efficiencies
Assess supplier capabilities
Re-evaluating supplier performance and viability
Negotiate and re-negotiate capital equipment and supplier contracts
Resolve contractor and supplier disputes.


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*MTA Member Bidding Service DL: 18363*