We have the expertise, qualifications and experience to assist corporations, insurance companies, financial institutions and individuals by forensically examining vehicles for post repair accident, collision and hail damage, assessing the repairs and paint quality, Odometer Tampering, evidence that the vehicle has been a Write-Off and uncover evidence that the vehicle had been Stolen, Ghosted, Cloned, Re-Birthed, Cross-Boarder Transfer, Cut and Shut, Strip and Buy Back, Model Upgraded or otherwise illegally or fraudulently dealt with.

Bid 4 U is recognised as Australia's leading forensic vehicle specialists, having earned a reputation for conducting comprehensive forensic vehicle examinations and providing high quality, defensible clear, concise and technically accurate, impartial reports.

Confirmation whether a vehicle was properly classified as a Statutory or Repairable Write-Off.
Family Court Matters.
Fraudulent Claims.  For example; to confirm whether hail damage claims are genuine or fraudulent.
Loss of value

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We are fully conversant with civil and criminal proceedings, are highly experienced in giving expert witness testimony.  In addition, we are recognised and fully accepted as an expert forensic vehicle examination witness by the:




Most of our Clients will never need litigation assistance or require expert witness testimony but your piece of mind is knowing that  should you ever need such assistance.....'All you need to do is Remember Bid 4 U' because we can make the difference



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*MTA Member Bidding Service DL: 18363*