Being able to combine our valuation appraisal expertise with our recognised Collision Damage Assessment know-how gives us the edge, sets us apart and denotes our standing in the market - above everybody else.

We provide a range of professional services for a variety of purposes including:

Expert Valuation Witness Services
Forensic Vehicle Examinations.
 Collision Damage & Repair Assessments.
 The examination, identification and investigation of Stolen, Ghosted, Cloned, Re-Birthed, Cross-Boarder Transfer, Cut and      Shut, Strip and Buy Back, Model Upgraded and stolen vehicles.
Valuation Appraisal Services
 Vehicle Identifier examination, identification and verification.
 WOVR (Written-Off Vehicle Register) interpretation and assessment.
NEVDIS (National Exchange & Driver Information System) Code interpretation.

Most of our Clients will never need litigation assistance or require expert witness testimony but your piece of mind is knowing that should you ever need such as service.....'All you need to do is Remember BID4U'.



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*MTA Member Bidding Service DL: 18363*